English Speech about “Today’s Youth is Leader Tomorrow”


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English Speech About “Today’s Youth is Leader Tomorrow” by Cecep Gaos

The honorable judges,

The respectable teachers and parents,

The honorable audiences,

My dear friends, ladies and gentlemen,

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

First of all, let us say thanks to Allah, The Almighty, who has been giving us blessing and guidance, so that we can gather in this great place. Salawat and salam may peace be upon The Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

My friends, ladies and gentlemen,

In this good occasion, I am going to deliver a speech on “Today’s Youth is Leader Tomorrow”


My friends, ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to start my speech by quoting a saying “Syubbanul yaum rizalul ghod”. It means that today’s youth is leader tomorrow.

My friends, ladies and gentlemen,

Therefore, if we expect good leaders for our future, the government or the stakeholder should prepare the youths well, not the others. Prepare them from the early age as well.

My friends, ladies and gentlemen,

Now, the question is how to prepare the youths to be leaders?

The key is by educating them with the best education system. Give them a good education system which is able to create a leadership atmosphere. So that, they will learn directly or indirectly to be good leaders based on their talents and interests.

My friends, ladies and gentlemen,

Once again, the key to all our lives is education. Education is the main and the important thing to answer all of our problems in this world.

My friends, ladies and gentlemen,

I think that’s all of my speech. I do apologize for some mistakes in delivering my speech. Thank you for kind attention.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Itulah teks pidato bahasa Inggris tentang “Today’s Youth is Leader Tomorrow”.

Semoga bermanfaat.

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