Story Telling About the Sea

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Story Telling About the Sea

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Hi, guys!
Before I tell you a story, I’d like to introduce my self.
My name’s …. I’m …. years old. I’m ….. School, grade ….
OK, on this bright and clear day, I’d like to tell you a story about “The Sea”
My beloved friends,
Before I tell you the story, I’d like to explain a little bit about the sea.
As we know our beautiful earth consists of two big surfaces. They are Land and Sea. You know that the sea is wider than the land. It covers about 70% of the earth.

My beloved friends;
Talking about the sea, there are many interesting and important things. They are about the under sea life and the human activities on it.
If we go down under the sea, for example by diving or snorkeling, we can see that there are so many various creatures that live in. We can find many kinds of fish, jelly fish, starfish, dolphin, shark, turtle, and many more. And also you can find the biggest animal on the earth. It is blue whale. And don’t forget there are coral reefs that can save the ecosystem balance in the sea.
My beloved friends;
Talking about the sea, I remember my nice experience on a beach.
Here was the story.

Couple years ago, I went to Anyer Beach. I went there with my parents and  my sisters by car. I went there in the morning at six and arrived there at about ten. On the way, my sisters and I sang some cheerful songs together and also we made some jokes.
My beloved friends;
In a nut shell, at about 10 o’clock we arrived there. On the beach, we did some nice activities. My sisters and I built sand castles, swam, and also we played ball together. While, my parents sunbathed, and at the same time they watched us. After playing on the beach, we got on the motorboat to sail the sea. I was very happy because it was my first experience in sailing the sea. And I thought that the sea was so great and beautiful.  Finally, the sun almost set. Therefore, we decided to go home. We felt satisfied and happy so much.
My beloved friends;
That’s my short story about the Sea.
As closing, I’d like to persuade you to keep our sea. Simple ways to do are not to throw the garbage to it and not to fish by bomb.

I think that’s my entire story about sea. Thanks for your kind attention. See you.

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb. 

The story text can be downloaded HERE. 

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